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  • 02. 04. 2021
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Entrepreneurial research in the 7thUTU Awards 2021 is defined as a scientific paper written based on research. The proposed paper must be an original work of the author(s) and be based on the research conducted by the author(s). The research might include (but not limited to) any methods of inquiry, such as field research, experimental research, laboratory study, survey, applied research, case study, etc. The topics of the research should be within the scope of entrepreneurship topics, such as (but not limited to) entrepreneurial decision making, role of emotions in business, invention and intellectual property, marketing strategies, finances, social enterprises, managements, employments, digital technologies and new media for business, and other relevant topics.
The proposed paper should be written no more than 10 pages (excludes cover page, approval page, and appendix). The proposed paper is written in Calibri, font size 11, and line space 1.5 (except Summary 1 space), paper size A4 with margins 4-3-3-3.

Evaluation criteria include:
  • Relevance of the title and the research topic.
  • Quality reasoning of situating the study, research questions, and objectives.
  • Adequacy of theories that support the research.
  • Appropriateness of research methodology that warrants quality chain of reasoning.
  • Opportunities to develop entrepreneurships based on the results of the study.
  • The output of the study is publishable in scientific journals or is likely to earn intellectual property rights.
Proposals can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English.
Download the guidebook (Bahasa Indonesia version) HERE
Download the guidebook (English version) HERE

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