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  • 02. 04. 2021
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Online Store Design category is a competition that evaluate undergraduate students' abilities in designing and implementing ideas, creativity and solutions in building websites for online shopping. The main goal is to respond to the presence and development of technology, information and communication. 
This category welcomes proposals on creative communication and design of online business. The proposals should highlight creative website design and redefine the way people may use it to sell online. Additionally, the design should allow users to set up an online store and manage its marketing, sales, and operations.
Proposals should be typed on A4 paper and is written in Calibri 11, and 1.5 spaces except for a one-spaced summary, and a maximum of 1000 words(excluding cover pages, approval page, and appendixes). The method or technique of developing the website is free. The submitted work / e-store website belongs to the participant and is allowed to be published by the participants. The work has never been contested in another competition. The work can include a final project for academic completion requirement at the university/college that are attended by the participants. The content must be based on products / services in agro and marine industries. The website is dynamic and must be interactive. The website contents must not contain racial and pornographic elements considered harmful for any entities. The website must work properly for desktop and mobile versions. Any indication of Plagiarism will cause the work disqualified.
Evaluation Criteria include:
  • Originality and creativity of ideas
  • Relevance of agro-and marine industry
  • Layout and typography
  • Web interface design
  • Functionality
Proposals can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English.
Download the guidebook (Bahasa Indonesia version) HERE
Download the guidebook (English version) HERE


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